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sail like a pro

If you just got yourself a boat, the first few instances of sailing can be daunting. But the more you get out into the water, the quicker you will be able to sail like a pro.

But even as you work your way into the waters and sail with more confidence, there are things you can do to have the demeanor of a pro from the get-go.  Read More

tips to buy a boat

If you are looking to buy a boat, there are several factors you may want to consider. Buying a boat is not necessarily a small investment.

So if you are looking to make a smart choice, the following are some tips you could follow.  Read More


If you are interested in buying a boat or are simply interested in the various types of boats there may be, you are in for a treat.

The types of boats used in the world today are vast and varied. The following are 10 common types of boats and what they are used for, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Read More

buying a boat

If you’ve always wanted to own a boat but have never managed to scrape up the money for a dreamboat, you can always go for a second-hand one that can offer much of the same experience but at a lesser price.

You can always buy a new boat of your liking when you can afford it, but why delay the experience of sailing in the open seas, on your very own boat? Read More